Author Topic: Job Posting - Waunakee Gun Club Target Setter  (Read 201 times)


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Job Posting - Waunakee Gun Club Target Setter
« on: December 26, 2019, 02:49:05 PM »
Waunakee Gun Club is seeking an experienced target setter for the 2020 shooting season (a combination of approximately 22 weekly league shoots and three NSCA registered shoots for the year). This position is considered a part time, limited term employment of Waunakee Gun Club. The target setter works in conjunction with the WGC Board of Directors and Club manager. Work hours may be flexible; setting a weekly course takes approximately 4-6 hours and is generally done on Fridays or Mondays. Setting of the NSCA registered courses will require 10-16 hours each and be done the Friday before the shoot. Proposal may include weekly league, registered shoots, or both.

•   Setting targets for those areas proposed upon:
o   The weekly summer Sporting Clays League (8 to 10 Stations, 50 targets)
o   NSCA Registered Events (three):
•   12 to 15 stations, 100 targets, done the Friday before the event
•   Overlay of small gauge on the 12 gauge course
•   Separate shooting stands with a combination of different report and true pairs per station to give a variety of presentations at each station or shooting position
•   Multiple traps per station may be required (greater than 2 traps)
•   Cognizance of shot drop and muzzle hold when setting targets to ensure shooter safety
•   Recognize potential shot fall and target presentation changes due to differing wind conditions
•   Setting and operating target equipment in accordance to the manufacturer’s safety requirements
•   Light maintenance of target machines as necessary

•   Experience or knowledge of course design, target setting, and shooting
•   Knowledge of and ability to maintain target machines
•   Ability to lift 60 pounds
•   Position can be fulfilled by multiple people or a team of people – submit availability or team approach in written proposal 

To Apply:
Submit a written proposal including compensation requirements to the Board of Directors at on or before
February 15, 2020

Proposal Requirements:
Provide detailed cost for either or both of the following:
•   General/weekly leagues course setting
•   The three NSCA Registered Events:    12 + 20      12 + 28      12 + .410

Serious inquires only: please see or contact the Board of Directors with any questions regarding the position.