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Zone Championship/All State Team Plaques
« on: August 10, 2018, 02:55:10 PM »
The following people have a plaque to be picked up at Wern Valley:

North & South Zone Championships
Scott Klug- North E Class
Gene Arnold- North Veteran
Justin Gahan- South E Class
Bill Krcma- North AA Class
Leslie Mueller-Grady- South Lady
Tim Kirchner- South C Class
John Dennert- South Master Class
Jeff Perlewitz- South A Class

All State Team Plaques
Robert Nemitz- Open Team
Steve Greene- Open Team
Mike Wamhoff- A Class 1st Team
Dick Stewart- SSV 2nd Team
Dan Pfeil- E Class 2nd Team
Robert Hildebrandt- E Class 1st Team
Clint Vaske- C Class 2nd Team
Brad Peterson- C Class 1st Team
Ryan LeCaptain- D Class 1st Team

All American Teams
David Zarnoth- .410 Bore
David Quaid- FITASC 2nd Team Super Vet
John Dennert- NC All Region Team- Open
Jeanne Denk- 20 Gauge

Nicholas Thomey- NC All Region Team- Class A

If you will be here for our next registered shoot on September 8th you can pick it up then or to pick it up in the meantime call the Club at 262-968-2400.