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Cranberry 200 Results
« on: April 25, 2010, 09:58:02 PM »
From a post in the General section:
We have the results on our web site ( and sent them to Mike for posting, we want to thank all those that shot this weekend in the  TOUGH weather, the shoot has grown every year despite OLD mother nature, we appreciate the dedicated shooters that support us, water proof paper and our sandy soil (NO Mudd). We think we have gotten pretty good at setting targets and running shoots in rain, wind and cold weather, we look forward to trying our skills in sun and warmth, maybe next year!?!? We are looking forward to growing this to one of the premire shooting events in our state and showing more of our shooters the FITASC game, have a great summer shooting! Thanks again

Scott and Kris
Woods and Meadows

I'm working on getting a page put together with results and at least a couple of pictures. It will be up either a little later this evening or Monday morning at the latest.

As Scott and Kris said, if you want to see the results on their website, got to

I've also got the results posted on the main page of the WSCA website:
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