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Results / Results Waukesha 10-9-20
« on: October 11, 2020, 05:08:57 AM »
Thanks to the 105 people who came out and shot on such a GREAT October day
Dan Roeshli was high in the main with a 97
Anthony Julian was high in 5-stand with 47

A new Sporting course and 5 stand are set up for today so come on out and have some FUN and get some punches

We are having our last scheduled shoot this weekend
we will have a 100 bird Sporting and 50 bird 5-stand each day --4 separate events
plus we will have a 50 bird Super Sport event that you may shoot either day --one event

That's a total of 5-seperate events and 5-chances to get you punches

As usual shoot 2 events and get a FREE LUNCH that day

We may have a FLASH SHOOT later this year so keep watching this sight or signup for our newsletter for current event info at Waukesha Gun Club

Newsletter goes out once a week every Tuesday at 8AM and we do not sell or give your E-mail to advertisers  :) :)

go to and signup

We are extending our weekend shoot till Tuesday --we will have a Trump( Make America Shoot Great )--50 bird super Sport and a Biden (Everyone is a winner) powder puff 5-Stand
Entry's open at 2 PM and must be done shooting by 8PM-- Democrats and Republicans are all invited --but demonstrations will not be allowed from either side
This is a registered event --Thought up by Andy B. --and he will provide one free beer for every shooter that comes out

hope to see you all --this could become a FUN event

Results / results Waukesha 9-26-20
« on: September 26, 2020, 06:13:12 PM »
Thanks to the 130 shooters that came out today
Diego Duarte and Bob Hurkes tied with 95s in the main
Jerry Ballering --Steve Michikowski --Mark Roberts and Rich Johnson all had 47 in 5-stand

Another 100 bird course and 5-stand for tomorrow has been set --Steve and Clint did a GREAT JOB today --come and check out their work tommorrow

We have also extended our shoot thru Tuesday and are planning a GREAT DEBATE registered event --50 bird --Trump (make America GREAT Again )Super Sport event and a Biden -powder puff (everybody Wins ) 5-stand event
After we will all sit and drink beer watch the Debate and talk foolish (like the politicians)
Come on out and have some FUN

Thanks again to all that come out and shoot --we appreciate your business

We are having our monthly event next weekend with 6 different events
1--100 bird Sporting and 50 bird 5-stand on Saturday only

2. 100 bird Sporting and 50 bird 5-stand Sunday only

3.-- 50 bird 28 Ga 5-stand and 20 ga. Sporting that you can shoot either day

Entry fees are $50 for 100 bird and $25 for 50 bird
Shoot 2-events and you will get a FREE LUNCH

Registration opens at 8 and closes at 2 PM each day --no pre-registration is required
go to our website at for more info

Hope to see you all --Fall is a GREAT TIME to shoot

Results / Results Acme bullet shoot
« on: August 28, 2020, 07:16:48 PM »
Results are on our website at --click on results tab on top then registered results

Andy B is still on his hot streak being high on 3 of the 4 events and one bird off on the other

Weather missed us all day and we only got a little rain after all the shooting was done

Come on out tomorrow or Sunday and shoot --it is going to be beautiful out

General Discussion / Acme Bullet Wisconsin OPEN --$13,000 added money
« on: August 12, 2020, 07:33:37 AM »
This years Wisconsin Open is Sponsored by Acme Bullet and Hotsey pressure washers is Aug 28-29-30th
The 200 bird main event is 100 Super Sport and 100 Sporting Clays  Sponsored by ACME BULLET
--There is a $10,000 lewis class payout on the 200 --5 classes split 75/25 high gun and the cost is only $140 if you sign up early
You may shoot either event either day or both events in one day.
We also will have a small ga event and a 5-stand event each day plus a 100 bird pre-lim  and a 50 bird true pair events on Friday
All side events have add HOTSEY -High Pressure added Money PLUS  $5 per shooter added in to each lewis class payout ! ! !

Go to our website at  to see the details --we have a fillable entry form set up for you to fill out and e-mail to us

Start times are every 8 min. on Sportys and 10 min on Super Sport

Results / Results Waukesha 7-18-20
« on: July 19, 2020, 05:58:59 AM »
Thanks to the 130 shooters who came out and shot in the RAIN  and HOT weather
Clifford Seibert won the main with a 95
Thomas Lee -got 28Ga. with 49
Jon Porter won 5-stand with 47
Full results are on our website at
Our next shoot is the ACME BULLET-- Wisconsin OPEN Aug. 28-29-30th --with over $6000 added Money
Entry form will be available on line this week

Hope to see you all at State

General Discussion / Waukesha registered shoot this Saturday 7-18-20
« on: July 15, 2020, 08:58:40 AM »
We are having our monthly shoot this Saturday 7-18-20 ---one day only
we will have 3 events
100 Sporting --West Course $50
50 28Ga. East Course --$25
50---5-Stand --$25
Registration will open at 8AM and close at 2PM

Shoot any 2 events and get a FREE LUNCH ! !

Hope to see you all

Results / WaukeshaGun Club 4th of July Blast results
« on: July 05, 2020, 06:14:42 PM »
Thanks to the 129 people who came out to shoot at least one of our events

John Lappley and Andy Kalmer  were high with 98 on the main

Clint Dricken was high in 5-stand with 49

Paul Gagnon bested the 410 field with a 47

All results can be viewed on our website at
our next shoot is scheduled for July 18th --keep your eyes open we may add a Friday special on the 17th

hope to see you all then ;D ;D

General Discussion / WaukeshaGun Club 4th of July Blast (on the 5th )
« on: July 02, 2020, 08:50:43 AM »
We are having our 4th of July Blast on SUNDAY the 5th this year (Wern is on Sat the 4th )
The last few years this has been huge shoot with 150 plus shooters ! ! !

Targets will be set by the old target guru --Steve Knoll -- so you know they will be good

Cost is $50 for 100 bird (west course)
$25 for 5-stand and
$25 for 50 bird 410 event

FREE LUNCH for anyone shooting any registered event
Due to the size of the event --we will not be allowing Practice shooters on the 100 bird --must shoot registered or Hunters Class
pre-registration is available today or Saturday --call in 262-547-9785  with your CC and you will not have to wait in line
for more info go to our website at

Hope to see you all this weekend ---we are open for practice onSaturday the 4th

Results / Waukesha Fathers Day Results
« on: June 21, 2020, 07:06:24 PM »
Thanks to all 120 people who came out to shoot today --Weather could not have been any better
Thomas Lee won the main with a GREAT 95
Phil Pleset won 5-stand with 49
Aaron Flamming won the 28 Ga with 49

A list of all winners is on our website at

Our next shoot is Sunday July 5th --This our 4th of July Fireworks shoot --we have had 150 shooters the last couple of years so make yours plans to come out
Hope to see you all then

We are having our monthly shoot on Fathers Day Sunday --this is a one day event
we will have
100 Registered course --$50
50 Bird 5-stand -$25
50 bird 28Ga -$25
Anyone shooting the Registered targets will get a FREE LUNCH

Hope to see you all this week ---Good Luck to all going to the Leines

Results / Results Waukesha -5-23-20
« on: May 23, 2020, 05:39:29 PM »
Thanks to the 125 people who shot today --it was GREAT weather and some fantastic targets set by Steve and Clint
Jeff Perlewitz won the main wit 94 --Bill Yackman won 5-stand with a 49 --20Ga results did not get up--I think we worked the girls so hard they forgot to click save

Tomorrow we have a whole new set of events --and Steve and Clint let me set the 5-stand --LM will be the choke to use

Hope to see you all tomorrow --it is suppose to be another GOOD DAY :) :)
go to our website at  and click the results tab on top

 As the schedule is open
We will be having a shoot next weekend (Memorial day weekend ) May 23 & 24th
100 targets each day (different courses)
50 bird 28 Ga Sat --50 bird 20 Ga Sunday
50 bird 5-stand each day  (2 separate events)
That is 6 different events over 2 days 400 targets

This will replace our shoot scheduled for the 30 & 31st and allow for everyone to go to the Cranberry

We will get more info up on our website by Tuesday
Thanks --hope to see you all

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