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Registered Sporting Clays Shoot --Jan 20 and 21st

This is not on the Schedule

With Temps going to be in the 40s this weekend we have decided to throw a Registered sporting Clays shoot  Sat. and Sunday ! !

We have not had temps this warm for over a month ! !

Steve Knoll will be setting targets

We will have a 100 bird course and hopefully a 50 bird 5-stand (depending on if we can get enough help)     5-Stand will be shot on an outside setup.

Everyone that shoots will recieve tickets into the drawing for our WINTER SHOOT SERIES  Where we are giving away $2500 in prizes ! ! !

This shoot is not on the WSCA schedule --it is a FLASH SHOOT which is how WGC will be doing shoots in Jan. and Dec this year

Hope to see you all ---PLEASE TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS

Results / results Waukesha Dec 9 & 10
« on: December 10, 2017, 04:59:01 PM »
well our last shoot ended like our first one started COLD ! !

Thanks to the 40 shooter who braved the weather ---you helped us hit the 200,000 total  registered target  thrown this year

Phil Chojnacki was high Sat with 93
Dan Pfiel and Dennis Stair were high with 88 today

5-stand Sat Don Laatsch had 44
today Phil C.had 44

All results are on our website at

Our next scheduled shoot is not till Feb. but if we hit some nice weather we will schedule one in Jan --watch your E-mail or get on our weekly E-news

Thanks to all hope to see you soon

General Discussion / Registered shoot Waukesha Dec 9 & 10th
« on: December 05, 2017, 06:14:54 PM »
Yes the BAD WEATHER comes just in time for our last registered shoot of the year ! !

We will have 100 bird and a 50 bird 5-stand ---no small Ga. events this month

Hope to see you all

Results / results Waukesha 11-11-17
« on: November 12, 2017, 07:03:06 AM »
Thanks to the 45 shooters who came out today in the cold weather

Phil Chojinaki  the reining club Champion was high in Sporties with a 93

Mark Roberts won 5-stand with 47

Two new events for Sunday come on out and shoot
Full results are on our website at  click on the results tab on top

Hope to see you tomorrow

General Discussion / Shoot Waukesha This weekend Nov 11&12th
« on: November 07, 2017, 11:07:08 AM »
This is the only registered shoot scheduled in Wis. for Nov.

100 reg. sporting on Sat and on Sun --separate events each day --plus a 50-12Ga. 5-stand each day

28ga 5-stand and 20 ga course can be shot either day
all total 6 different events and 400 birds may be shot

Plus every event you shoot you get tickets into our WINTER SHOOT SERIES where we are giving away over $2,500 in prizes
plus we are giving $100 in prizes this weekend alone
and everyone that shoots 2 events a day will get a FREE LUNCH

come on out and you will see why we are one of the busiest clubs in the MIDWEST ! ! !

General Discussion / Cheesheads lose to Flatlanders
« on: October 19, 2017, 12:52:41 PM »
Yes fellow Cheeseheads we not only lost Aaron for the season we must listen to the Flatlanders brag the rest of the year about kicking our BUTTS ! !

They won by a score of 25-20 --I will be donating $500 to there State shoot -- I will tell them it has to go to HIGH non-Resident in each class  ! ! !
Thanks to the 85 people who braved some pretty bad weather to shoot
Hopefully next year we can redeem ourselves

Results / resulkts Cheeshead /Flatlander
« on: October 15, 2017, 05:02:28 PM »
Our results are posted on our website at
Wisconsin won our portion we will see what happened down south

Thanks to the 84 shooters that braved a lot of rain and WIND

General Discussion / CHEESHEAD /FLATLANDER Oct. 14 & 15th 2 clubs 2-days
« on: September 22, 2017, 09:02:14 AM »
After watching those CUBS STEAL a WIN from our BREWERS last night I needed something to make me feel better ---so-- I had to call my good friend Brett down at Northbrook Sportsman's Club to remind him how bad we used to beat them in the Cheeshead /Flatlander shoot we held a couple of years back.

Brett has aged a little and did not remember how BAD those beatings were  ---our conversation went on about hard targets VS  not so hard targets and who the best shooters are and in the end as we were both screaming at each other over the phone and a BET and  renewed rivalry was born ! ! !

on Oct 14th & 15th we will do the CHEESHEAD / FLATLANDER  Part 2

This will be 200 bird event over 2-Days you may shoot either club either day and there will be the other side events that each club normally throws

I am thinking that scoring should be done a little differently then we had done in the past as only elected officials understood how to abuse the system ! !

 so I am recommending we use the following System

HOA --3pts
RU --2 points
3rd place --1 pt

Each class winner --2PT
class RU --1 pt
each concurrent winner --2 Pt
RU -----1 Pt.

We will do this at each Club

Team that has the most points WINs

The Club that loses will provide $500 in added money to the other clubs STATE SHOOT  next year ! ! !


Results / results waukesha 9-16-17
« on: September 16, 2017, 08:17:27 PM »
Sorry forgot to get this posted on this site earlier

congrats to Steve Bogdon 95 on the main and Don Latschh with a 46 in 5-stand
New courses for both tomorrow come on out Italian Brats are on the menu

and Karl will have more GREAT targets
for all results goto our website at

Hope to see you all tommorrow

That's right folks we will be offering 6 different event over the 2 days and this will be the first event of our 2017 WINTER SHOOT SERIES where you can WIN some of the $2,500 in prizes  we will be giving away this winter ! ! !

We will have a
 1. Sat. 100 bird---
 2. Sat 50 5-Stand--
3.-- 50 bird 20Ga. 5-stand ---
4. 50 bird 28Ga course --
5.Sun 100 bird event --
6. Sun 50 bird 5-stand event.
go to our website for more info at

Entry's open at 9 and last squad out at 2PM --all scores must be turned in by 3:30

Hope to see you all this weekend 

 8) 8)  Here is the link to the news cast

In seven years we have raised $690,000  to fight Childhood cancer
Next year our goal is $200,000 ---if you have any ideas on how to help please let us know

Thanks to all that participated  ;D ;D ;D

Results / results ACME BULLET -Wis. OPEN Super Sporting
« on: July 23, 2017, 07:38:43 PM »
Thanks to all the shooters who came out and participated this year we thru over 33,000 Registered  targets in 3 days
Phil Chonacki won today and the HOA on the 200 --Andy B. won the 5-stand --Steve Knoll the 410 --Cal Rempert the 28Ga --Tom Lee the 20 Ga.

Andy B. won the 3 bird pump gun challenge but made an offer to anyone that wanted to compete in a shoot-off to throw in a $20 donation to the kids --15 people participated and Pat Weslowski was the winner--along with all the kids

All results are on our website at

Results / Results Saturday --Wis. OPEN at Waukesha
« on: July 23, 2017, 06:07:42 AM »
thanks to the 97 people who came out to shoot in such WARM HUMID weather ---rain held off
Targets were set well only 4 scores in the 90s Robert Ness HOA with 94 Phil Chonacki second with 93

great targets to warm up for STATE SHOOT

Lots of guns won by shoot-offs  will have list later

Weather looks GOOD today come on out --todays is another 100 bird event and walk ins are welcome also small Ga. and 5-stand  open till 2pm
full results on our website at
hope to see you all today

Results / Results Wisconsin OPEN friday
« on: July 21, 2017, 06:14:56 PM »
Thanks to all the people who came out today and congrats to Rob Arneson with 66 in FITASC and David Quaid with a 48 to win 5-stand
results are on our website at

Still plenty of openings in the Super Sport tomorrow and Sunday --only 4-5 people in some classes so they have a good chance of winning one of the guns in the shoot-off tomorrow

Weather looks rough tonight but better Sat & Sun.

Hope to see you all

That's right on July 21-22-23 we will be hosting the Wisconsin Open 200 bird Super Sporting sponsored by ACME BULLET

We will have a 75 bird FITASC event on Friday 50 bird 5-Stand and all small gauges
Then for those that sign up for 200 Super Sporting on Sat and Sun. we will have an 8 Gun shoot-off Saturday night at about 4PM

Everyone that shoots will be eligible and you will shoot off only against people in your CLASS --each class from M--E will have there own gun
Then for those ladies and Sub Juniors that have not already won you will get another chance to shoot for another GUN ! ! !

All GUNS are being donated by Andy B. and while he has not told us what they are he does want to have a FUN 3 bird pump gun event on SUNDAY for another GUN ! ! ! ;) ;)

Hope to see you all here --

Registration forms are available on our website at and you can get in for as little as $130 before July 15th

as a SPECIAL BONUS the first 25 youth shooters will get in for only $65 for the 200 thanks to our GREAT SPONSOR
INSULATION INDUSTRYS who will pay the balance  ;D ;D

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