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General Discussion / Waunakee Gun Club Little Gun shoot
« on: April 29, 2020, 06:44:34 PM »

   The Waunakee Gun Club will be postponing the 20Ga/12Ga registered shoot for May 9th, It is rescheduled for August 15th.
                                                                      Hope to see you all than!

General Discussion / Job Posting - Waunakee Gun Club Target Setter
« on: December 26, 2019, 02:49:05 PM »
Waunakee Gun Club is seeking an experienced target setter for the 2020 shooting season (a combination of approximately 22 weekly league shoots and three NSCA registered shoots for the year). This position is considered a part time, limited term employment of Waunakee Gun Club. The target setter works in conjunction with the WGC Board of Directors and Club manager. Work hours may be flexible; setting a weekly course takes approximately 4-6 hours and is generally done on Fridays or Mondays. Setting of the NSCA registered courses will require 10-16 hours each and be done the Friday before the shoot. Proposal may include weekly league, registered shoots, or both.

•   Setting targets for those areas proposed upon:
o   The weekly summer Sporting Clays League (8 to 10 Stations, 50 targets)
o   NSCA Registered Events (three):
•   12 to 15 stations, 100 targets, done the Friday before the event
•   Overlay of small gauge on the 12 gauge course
•   Separate shooting stands with a combination of different report and true pairs per station to give a variety of presentations at each station or shooting position
•   Multiple traps per station may be required (greater than 2 traps)
•   Cognizance of shot drop and muzzle hold when setting targets to ensure shooter safety
•   Recognize potential shot fall and target presentation changes due to differing wind conditions
•   Setting and operating target equipment in accordance to the manufacturer’s safety requirements
•   Light maintenance of target machines as necessary

•   Experience or knowledge of course design, target setting, and shooting
•   Knowledge of and ability to maintain target machines
•   Ability to lift 60 pounds
•   Position can be fulfilled by multiple people or a team of people – submit availability or team approach in written proposal 

To Apply:
Submit a written proposal including compensation requirements to the Board of Directors at on or before
February 15, 2020

Proposal Requirements:
Provide detailed cost for either or both of the following:
•   General/weekly leagues course setting
•   The three NSCA Registered Events:    12 + 20      12 + 28      12 + .410

Serious inquires only: please see or contact the Board of Directors with any questions regarding the position.

General Discussion / Job Posting - Waunakee Gun Club Mower
« on: December 26, 2019, 02:47:40 PM »
Waunakee Gun Club is currently seeking a person to mow and trim the grass areas around the property during the 2020 shooting season.  Mowing is done from April 11th thru October 4th – 25 weeks of mowing and trimming/maintenance. This position is considered a part time, limited term employment of Waunakee Gun Club.  The Mower works in conjunction with the WGC Board of Directors and Club President. The club can provide mowing and trimming equipment, as well as tools and equipment maintenance. In lieu of Part Time Employment Status and use of equipment, a proposer may provide a Service Agreement (contract) for providing mowing and maintenance as described below.

•   Mowing of all shooting paths and areas, miscellaneous grounds areas, and clubhouse area as needed and/or on a weekly basis
•   Trimming of all shooting stand areas, driveway, shed, and clubhouse area as needed and/or on a weekly basis
•   The North Loop path will require limited trimming of shooting stands and shoulder areas of the gravel path: proposal shall include one trimming per month of this area
•   Preparing grass areas for all special shoots, including the annual Waunakee Gun Club Duck Flurry
•   Operating powered equipment in accordance with the manufacturer’s operating and safety requirements
•   Minor brush clearing twice a year, not to exceed 20 hors total per year
•   Working with the Board to ensure if added maintenance and grounds keeping is necessary prior to any special/corporate events

•   Knowledge of and ability to operate powered equipment including: mowers and string line trimmer
•   Ability to perform minor maintenance of mowing equipment including: checking fluid levels and fueling of equipment
•   Ability to lift 60 pounds
•   Mowing schedule shall be coordinated with any special events and normal club operating hours, the club is normally open during the following times: 
o   Wed & Thur 3:00pm-close   Sat & Sun 10:00 am-3:00pm
o   Mowing shall be completed prior to open times or during off days

To Apply:
Please submit a written proposal to the Board of Directors at, including compensation requirements by
February 15, 2020

Serious inquires only: please see Board of Directors with any questions regarding the position.

General Discussion / Job Posting - Waunakee Gun Club Manager
« on: December 26, 2019, 02:46:24 PM »
The Waunakee Gun Club is currently seeking a Club Manager for the 2020 shooting season (March 15 thru October 15).  This position is considered a part time, limited term employment of Waunakee Gun Club.  The Club Manager works in conjunction with the WGC Board of Directors and Club President to make the WGC a safe and enjoyable place to shoot.

The Club Manager must be available to work during club open shooting hours, registered shoots, corporate shoots, and our annual Duck Flurry.  Hours of operation for Waunakee Gun Club are:
•   March-October   Wed & Thurs 3:00pm-7:00pm   Sat & Sun 10:00am-4:00pm   
•   Extra hours may be needed for special events

•   Preparing grounds and clubhouse areas for all open shooting times
o   Open/closing of club for daily operations
•   Including daily cash register reconciliation with expected sales to actual sales
•   Stocking/ordering of regular supplies
•   Inventory
•   General grounds and clubhouse cleanup
o   Clubhouse cleanup to be done daily
•   All areas including restrooms
•   Kitchen as needed
•   Outside Patio Areas
•   Floors
•   Garbage from inside clubhouse taken to dumpster daily
o   Grounds
•   Ensuring safety by clearing dirt, leaves, snow, and ice from in front of the clubhouse
•   Filling of target machines daily and as needed throughout the day
•   Empty outdoor trash cans as needed
•   Removing spent shells from shooting stations to trash
o   Timely communication of shot fall/target/safety issues with the Board
•   Battery maintenance
o   Ensure adequately charged batteries at traps at the beginning of each shooting day (batteries need to be changed at minimum when at 40% or lower)
o   All unused traps shall have batteries removed from the trap to be charged and properly stored
o   After charging batteries, place batteries on “charged” pallet in shop
o   Replacing batteries on the machines as needed in a safe manner
•   Ensuring shooter safety and safe operations at all times
o   Proactive attitude toward shooter and spectator safety
o   Quickly recognize, adapt, and mitigate unsafe target presentations
o   Have all non-member shooters sign waiver prior to shooting
•   Utilizing the TargetTag Counting system to its fullest potential
o   Issuing cards to member and non-members – including updating membership status/expirations within the TargetTag system
o   Charging member blue cards and non-member red cards at correct rates
o   Reading all non-member cards when shooting is completed by shooter
o   Reading the card reader system on a weekly basis at minimum and providing the information to the treasurer/BOD for review on a monthly basis at minimum
o   Attempt to have all targets purchased on cards match the number accounted for in the Square point of sale system
•   Tending the cash register during league, events, and open shooting hours
•   Providing Treasurer with all bank deposits and cash register receipts
•   Work closely with the treasurer and board to track all costs incurred by the club
•   Keep records of all vendors who assist the club (driveway repair, snow removal, etc.)
•   Promoting and running corporate shoots as a representative of the club using the corporate structure outlined by the BOD
•   Must secure an additional staff member to assist during spring/summer season
o   This position will be evaluated on a yearly basis to determine the need/compensation
o   Hours: 4-8pm Wednesday & Thursday evenings (may send home if club is slow)
o   Will be paid minimum wage + tips
o   Must be at least 18 years old and will be required to obtain bartender license

•   Good written and verbal communication skills
•   Ability to make good decisions and solve problems as necessary
•   Positive attitude to serve as a representative of the Waunakee Gun Club
•   Must comply with all Club safety requirements
•   Cash handling experience including: collecting money, balancing bank receipts, and making bank deposits
•   Ability to safely operate powered equipment including: traps, golf carts, UTVs, mowers, and maintenance equipment as necessary
•   Knowledge of Clay Target Sports, TargetTag target counting system, shooting safety, and target setting
•   Ability to lift up to 60 pounds
•   Adherence to the club policy of no alcohol consumption during business hours   

To Apply:
Please submit a resume and written proposal to the Board of Directors at, including compensation requirements by February 15, 2020

Proposal shall include at minimum:
•   Cost per 50-target round of sporting clays (based on 60 targets per round) – Currently proposed at $0.11 per bird thrown to be paid to manager
•   Description of proposed responsibilities, efforts, and compensation for the three NSCA Registered events at WGC – Currently proposed at $350 per shoot
•   Description of proposed responsibilities, efforts, and compensation for the Annual Duck flurry – Currently proposed at $800 for Thursday-Sunday
•   Discussion of plan for running corporate events using the current corporate structure/rates outlined by the board
•   May include proposal for target setting if interested – Currently proposed at $175/week for 18 weeks during summer/league (to include 1 practice shooting station of intermediate to difficult targets)

Our Club threw approximately 282,931 targets for the 2019 season (not including 5-stand, NSCA little gun shoots, and the annual Duck Flurry targets)

Serious inquires only: please contact the Board of Directors with any questions regarding the position.

General Discussion / Sept 8 & 9... WGC's 23rd Annual Duck Flurry - fun shoot
« on: September 01, 2018, 11:19:06 AM »
Don't forget about Waunakee Gun Club's 23rd Annual Duck Flurry September 8 & 9!!!!!

This is a fun shoot that is all about having fun!!!

As in the past...this is a two-shooter, 100-bird team-based event, with full use of a hunting gun allowed (3 shell max capacity).

$25 per shooter per entry.

We will have side games including Waun-A-Break (our version of Make-A-Break) and a long bird as well.

5 Stations will include:
- A couple of lulls, our steel towers, and our pit station. 20 birds per station for a chance to break 100!
- At least 1 timed "flurry" -type station with 4-birds launched at a time on a set interval once pull is called - better be able to load quick!
- 1 station with a white poison bird - shoot her and loose all the broken birds from that set.

The program will be offering many different "classes" to choose from (Main event, 20 gauge/subguage, side by side, parent/child, pump gun, man/women, over under) for a chance at winning a prestigious Flurry trophy.

There will be $$$ thousands & thousands $$$ worth of prize giveaway's each day of the event. Each paid entry will also be registered for a chance at winning the grand prize.

Hope to see you there ........

Here's a nice video of day one of the 2015 Flurry that a member put together:
Waunakee Gun Club
6680 Ripp Dr.
Dane, WI 53529

Phone: (608) 849-4638


General Discussion / 2018 Fall WCSA board meeting
« on: August 05, 2018, 10:06:45 PM »
Hi wondering if anyone knows the date/time/place of the annual fall board meeting this year. Thanks WGC.

Results / Waunakee Gun Club .410 Bore NSCA Little Gun Challenge 7/28
« on: July 29, 2018, 01:42:03 PM »
Thanks to all that came over to Waunakee on a beautiful Saturday to attemp to break some Clays. Will Pick took home both the .410gauge with an 85 and the 12gauge with a 96. Congratulations and nice shooting. We hope to see everyone out next year for the Little Gun Challenge Series! 

Full results available on

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